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Old 07-16-2008, 07:19 PM
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Default Conquest and expansion?

Salut all members of DOF-forum!

I Register on this forum yesterday and i must say Im really looking forward to this game!
The feature of this game looks so promising. I probobly got a milion question to ask about the game.. but one thing that keeps bugging me, which i dont have a clue about in this game is: how your supose to expand? Because from what i've read on this forum, is that your only allowed to build one city and i've also read that the limit of units will be around 1.000 units. Both things involves expansion..

Are you going to be able to take over cities that you conquer, or will you just be able to raise them from the ground? If your able to conquer then i think the unit limitation should be unlimited, whereas you gain more units when you expand.

Cheers, averon