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Old 04-25-2013, 09:56 PM
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I feel that they should call it Neverwinter, an action based mmo. Literally. The entire title should be that. If anyone has ever played nwn1, 2...then they'll know that the mmos just a shadow of the glory that is bioware's neverwinter1.

And as with every mmo, nwn will prob feature a loooot of time investment. Something every player shdould honestly choose wisely these days as I've learned. Don't waste your time on mmos or games for hours upon hours when you're a teenage. Also, careful spending is required these days, even for gaming. Because as we've seen with star trek the video game, Aliens Colonial marines, gamers are seen as an exploitable cash cow.

Learning stuff such as woodworking is better than gaming on mmos 24/7. just my two cents from my pitiful teenage experience.
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