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Old 04-25-2013, 08:24 PM
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Well played after the balancing with the elves alot. All is fine but one thing. Whirlwind of Bladestorms mutated into an _I-WIN_ button. You rush into the enemy army with your grandmasters and bladestorms, Grandmasters shielding the Bladestorms, then once the Bladestorm mingle with every unit of the enemy you hit Whirlwind and they just drop like Flies. Units dont get damaged, they disappear instantly . Whole squads of dwarven rifleman or archers or even low lvl Melees, they just disappear instantly and your green victory bar jumps an awesome amount with each time you hit whirlwind :D. Funniest thing was, when 1 single bladestorm, not a squad, but just one of the 16 of a squad was standing inside a squad of crossbowmen which were in that round formation and the whirlwind just droped em all. Thats just a bit too op. Make it more expensive in Energy, or less damaging pls.

Was also fighting a guy who had lvl 1 bladestorms, lots of em. He launched his Whirlwind on my lvl 20 Grandmasters with 90% resist active and I actually had to retreat with em. They were instantly red after a few whirlwind shots :D. Really a bit too powerful. You need really tough melees to block that stuff and if the enemy decides to launch it onto weaker units, they will drop.

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