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Old 04-25-2013, 09:30 AM
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I agree Gooberlord. As things stand, there is nothing that is distinct or transfers ownership which is absolutely key.

There should also be more and varied ways to use crowns to promote PvP. As things stand, people are too afraid of risking their level 20 units to PvP regularly, at least in many cases. I will post another thread on that so as not to derail.

As for SEO. It appears that there are several of us here that have SEO experience and are willing to volunteer time. We certainly need more players. I suspect there are seldom more than a couple of hundred playing. We need a lot more. Just as importantly we need a lot more revenue coming into the game. I think the mods and devs give away too many free keys to the game. They should instead create keys that give units (not crowns to buy units). We all like getting crowns, but that is the method by which they should be generating revenue. I would be just as happy to be given a key that would give a dragon. You can use the crowns the same way, but it is the mentality that I think we need to correct. This game will not continue unless it has revenue. I could host it for them and provide the bandwidth, but I can't pay the developers. I guess my biggest concern is with the model. Without the player base actively helping the company in promoting it, it will have limited growth.
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