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Old 04-24-2013, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by vicious666 View Post
but if the attacker kill enought units to lower the strenght of the defender army under his str he still win no ? otherwise win vs city become a too hard task, defence give an edge, attacker is forced to attack. and is forced to conquer also hall ?
I think the capture thing is nice, the attacker has to have a disadvantage, as the defender is probably the one who can lose alot more in this fight. His dwarven miners etc.. On the other hand, having to conquer the town hall for victory makes sure he will actually lose all his defenceless units like his miners Yet again, the defender still has the chance to give up before that happens. All in all I think this change is a good one. Sieging towns of players is something more _special_ now. And especially new players think of it alot more _special_ if someone attacks their precious town then an army.

Now the only thing that has to happen is, that glitching past the Castle gates is fixed. There were several reports of people doing that in Help channel today. Even with gates not being attackable by melees now, you can still glitch by.