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Old 04-24-2013, 12:09 PM
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Default syupit lose on Pvp on field

i know that, this is not a sige battel that il complain about
but i just had to post this battel
i I had a Huge Army with full opgrade Human Knight and Swordmen and crosbowmen and a capault. Agienst a player with a small army at frist i thougt, this is not fair he got a smaller army than me.
But then i saw that he got a dragon! so its was a fair Fightt! but after a few min
i Destroyede his forces. in the end he had 2 crosbrowmen and a fire Dragon wit half health left.
I only had a few calastye, so i was redy ti finshis the fight but then he rand to the other half of the map with his dragon and he said that i should surender or i would lose. I said i that i would not surender. Then he just ran the whole map around and if i, tried to folow him he would burn my army and run and the burn agen so i gather my army and told him if he would fight it out .He wouldten so in the end i Lost with a giant Army and he had a dragon and 2 crosbowmen
my army had alomest full health. so its i just me that think than its unfair that you can Vin just because you have a dragon he wouldten atacke cos the he would lose his dragon and lose the fight so he just wait the battel out and i couldten mach the speed of the dragon
in the end i Lost (ps sorry my english is nort very good)