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Old 04-24-2013, 09:44 AM
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I appreciate the quick reply. Here are a few things that can be done that do not require any real development from your side that can be started right away, and a few things that can be done with minimal changes.

Guild incentives. Start a promotion where any guild that that plugs your game on their guild home page will receive 5 referral keys to give to their members. NOT keys to the game... You want them to BUY the game. The keys would give 5 accounts the Ice Dragon and 120 crowns. You could then offer the 120 crown keys to any newly purchased account for those guild members. Or something similar. Bonuses given if the guild adds Meta tags to their site that contain "Dawn of Fantasy" and "Kingdom Wars". I would recommend skinning a new Dragon that can given instead of the 120 crowns listed above, or giving Greens to Guild members that join from a guild that is promoting your site.

Blog incentives for Video Blogs and other Feeds (twitch etc) and YouTube Channels created by players plugging your site and showing how much fun it is. Something similar to the above.

Put a simple counter in place that tracks how many people a player has brought in through referral. ONLY COUNT THOSE THAT ARE FROM PURCHASES! This may not be possible with your key system. If it is, great, if not, run with it as it is. Provide Ranks to players based on this that are appended to their name in Chat.

Append Guild Names and Ranks for Guild members. Guild leaders are such because they like to lead, recognize that and them with their titles. Player assigned are best, but it does require some monitoring... Players can be foolish... :P

I am Chief Technology Officer of a large firm. Lean on the technical skill of your players. As chief geek among geeks, I have several guys working for me that like gaming and welcome the time to goof off on extra curricular activity. Make your needs known, you would be surprised at what I could donate, as can others, I am sure. Time, hardware, etc.

There is an amazing amount of ownership that comes from a name and a small range of customization. Add ownership and you have players that dont want to lose something.

Last. Territories.. This plays into ownership. They dont have to display on the primary map but can on a PVP map. When it is selected, sub divide all existing zones into 30 sub zones. Make ownership of these produce a trickle income of crowns or another currency used to buy or build custom units. They can not be protected with attack protection. They have to be held for 12 hours before they change hands, and can be attacked by anyone. They can be defended by anyone in a guild or allied guild (alliance however you word it). This style ownership keeps players for long term and provides the best sort of ownership as the players dont want to let their friends down.

As always, if I can help. Please let me know. I am always happy to.

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