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Old 04-24-2013, 08:14 AM
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Red face SEO and other things

We need more people brought to the game. Thus far the focus has been on giving away free keys, etc. while always nice, realistically we need people buying the game. Of the number of p,ayers listed, I suspect most are bought, or free accounts just used to get crowns and ice dragons for primary accounts, none of which will ever generate revenue.

My thoughts:

Based on search rankings, a bit of search engine optimization should be done on these pages and other related pages. We want to bury the negative and promote positive pages that show all of the good things being done for and by the game. (I can help or do this for you if needed) mod blogs and guild sites are needed to help make this work, and a reward should be given to recruit guilds. Named units, etc. if you get guild buy in, you will gain players.

One point where MANY games miss on launch is not having guild content. This seems a small thing and easy to add later so it gets pushed back. This is a huge mistake. Most players play MMO style games to play with friends. Most people are in guilds. Guilds keep people together and PLAYING together, even when interest flags players stay because their friends are still here. If you don't have the tools to make this easy for them to help each other out, transfer items, units, etc, then it is a single player game with co op. your retention goes down as a result. Use the ability of friends to GUILT their buddies into playing through the rough times

Custom units. Players love to build things. That is why they play. They also want to name them and make them theirs. Generic names like Hero build no attachment, you want that Hero to be named Ailric, and you want to be able to build him the way you want.

In short, my comments are geared toward increasing visibility of the game which I know we can do with this, and increasing player retention through perceived ownership.

Please pm me or comment here if you would like to discuss in more detail or would like my assistance.

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