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Old 04-23-2013, 11:49 AM
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Default What seems to trigger the regeneration bug in combat.

So after I had a serious disadvantage in a pvp match, because my units stopped regenerating I tried to find out what triggered it. I started by letting some of my Bladestorms get eaten by a carnivorous plant. Regbug1.jpg It ate a few of em. Regbug2.jpg, then they started reging, but they stopped regenerating after a few units were revived.Regbug3.jpg here a few minutes later, still the same health. Regbug4.jpg.

Thats why some people thought enchanters triggered the regeneration bug, because enchanters instantly revive some units and then they stop regenerating. This is a bug that messed up several high end fights for me in pvp. Like once i clashed with a guy who got a lvl 20 units elven army like me. We fought for a long time and then I retreated to reg up. The next clash ended really quick because my units didn't regenerate anymore. Took the fun out of it alot.

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