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Old 04-22-2013, 04:11 PM
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The hp displayed are for batallion, it means hp of all soldiers together, if you notice near that number there is also show the hp that 1 soldier have.
example :

25000 1250 the dmg is for soldier not for entire batallion so is the dmg that each soldier do when swing an attack.

Dragons do melee area dmg+firewall area dmg, also hp and res of dragons got increased. a royal dragon do 2k+ dmg (area effect) +firewall 800 dmg area effect (basic units have no fire res so is thrue dmg that bypass armor res) have 75000 life and have 50% slash 50% crush 80% pierce res

regards Ogre in next patch it will be boosted

-Ogre +2800 hp +100 stamina +30 slash res +15 crush res +20 pierce res +100 crush dmg, also his ability rage got duration and dmg augmented

Skill point reset feature is under work
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