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Originally Posted by Laradon View Post
So youve made the 100/60/100 Slayers even worse, into 100/75/100 slayers, being the only melee units now that can effectively attack Ranged units with maxed damage. You knew that maxed damage ranged units were able to crack even 95% resist units, especially crossbowman with their accuracy. Hell I even lost several lvl 20 Grandmasters to a force of lvl 5-7 Crossbowmen because they had every point into damage, now probably worse. All Ranged Armies will be seen more often, well except against orcs, cant beat a 100. If you are lucky their Energy runs out, because then they at least reset to 60/75/60 because of the resist bug that makes res values reset to lower stats. You didnt tune down the HP for larger Squads like 24/24 or 20/20 either, which will be a must have if you want to keep the squad sizes that high. As otherwise full 60/60 Armies of orcs will always be stronger as 60/60 armies of anything else. This of course is only doable with slayers atm, because they have a much weaker Battlestr value then the Berserkers, while with this patch finally being the stronger unit. I allready was puzzled after the last change, because I didnt knew anymore what unit would win in a fight slayer vs Berserker. Thanks for making that clear.

You wont even know if those changes do anything, because close to all PVP fights were manipulated by the bug of Battlestr that I pointed out in the bug forum, meaning that we had only Armies Crashing that were underrated. Hell the same lvl 20 unit can have from 36 Str max to 20 to 10 to 3 Battlestr. Either encountering 1 group of archers or 5 groups of archers. Big difference.

Ranged can be too strong if used right, or too weak if used wrong. If you put the points into range It's wrong, as units dont hit **** on ranged. If you put the points into damage it's OP cause they anihilate anything close range with over 1k damage.

My question really is, did you make those units actually fight each other, did you even change the battlestrength values or even include that into your balancing? This seems, yet again, not thought through at all and not practically tested.

But well to your defence i must say, bringing everything from movement to hitbox to speed to Battlestrength to unit count (and increase of survivability with more units due to the regeneration), damage , damagetypes etc. together is awesomely hard. Hope they made you a tool that allows you to fight those units against each other and play around. Because the numbers lie sometimes.
you seams to reply withouth read.

I am modifyng now the abilities-formations, so cover ability for slayers will add much less, the problem was: orcs where dependent too much from formation+abilities for their res, and stamina is not infinite, so i raised up their base res, but now gonna nerf by 50-70% the res bonus from formation and abilities.

We introduce also a hard cap for res so if we have forgotten something anyway the combination of basic res+formation+abilities will never go upper than 90%

Regards hp for batallion and number of soldiers yes that factor is included in the calculations : for example : hp and dmg compensate lower numbers.

In fact human foot knights have more hp and res than berserkers becouse their batallion are composed by only 15 elements, but they do also less dmg.

Elf do much more dmg for conpensate their lower numbers,also they do more spike dmg, since you can combine high dmg formation bonus+ high natural dmg + active abilities that cause Istant dmg such as whirlwind,
Human have less dmg but more hp/res than orcs and elf
Orcs have more soldier and hp than elf, and more dmg than humans if they use abilities

Also after formation and abilities i am gonna re-do all strenght values

About slayers is a bug of the system, i reported that. is out of my control that. it reset some skill points when res go 100%
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