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Old 04-22-2013, 06:41 AM
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Pathfinding, units skill reset option ,and other balancements regards formation bonus and abilities (formation and abilities are under work right now) are already in our schedule plan for next patches.

Goblin on next patches will have hiding ability, their new concept/role is : flankers/hiders, so they got more hp/dmg, res, movement speed, and tribal heal will be improved in next patch.

I will gladly wanna hear opinion of players expecial for units such as goblins,cavalier,maceman,helbardier, rangers/mounted rangers, hero and dragons this are the units that received more attention and improvements

Rebalance of units strenght value are also planned, after that we gonna refine balancements with small changes, than we think to re-do totally the leveling system/attributes, this in preparation for a summer expansion with probably 3 new races, with new ability/concept such as bleeding effects, poison effects,mage class, new big creatures.
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