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Old 04-21-2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by GooberLord View Post
Attack Move Toggle: Attack Move is extremely helpful in an RTS battle, and I rather like having some units ready to attack move and others to attack specific targets. Both are permissible in Dawn of Fantasy right now, but Iíve encountered two weird problems with it.

First, Attack Move toggles itself off constantly. If I donít have a unit selected for awhile and had them rush forward, the next time I select them they no longer have Attack Move enabled Ė it switches back to default. Thatís a minor irritation. The more important irritation is the very common event where a retreat must occur. Instead of being able to quickly select all my units, toggle once or twice to change all units to Attack Move or not and so allow an escape where they can all run, clicking this only switches the current assignments. The problem is that I only see the assignment for whatever unit is on top of the stack Ė and this results in my frontliners to run without stopping while my ranged stand their ground and get killed. What currently has to be done is going into each and every unit and finding those that are Attack Move and switching them, which during a hasty retreat is not only frustrating but very damaging.

Solution: Give an option in Gameplay that allows Mass Attack Move Switch. Whereas if the player selects his army with a mix of Attack Move or Default selected and sees the top unit as either one, selecting the Attack Move will assign that currently displayed option to the whole group selected. That means switching those that need switching, and keeping those already there right there. This would let a player quickly reassign orders and allow a charge for specific army parts or a retreat for sections or whole armies. It should be an option at least since I donít know how many people like invisible switches, but it must be an option for people to choose! And since this shouldnít be a giant programming change or load of work, it should be top priority in my opinion for the enjoyment of players.
This should indeed be a priority. Losing Units in battle is ok if your strategy was faulty, but using units to attack move bugs is always frustrating Had that a couple of times. Some are on attack move, some not, you order all to retreat and one unit stays because his attack move didnt disable.

You have some good ideas, currently theres only 2 or 3 different lvling systems. One with different stat bonuses for heroes, one for dragons and one for normal units. All normals get the same %s per lvl etc. this leads to problems with alot of unit types. To make balancing this game not too hard, the system itself might have to be changed a bit, not only the values. Or we will soon have the same unit amount per squad for all races etc.
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