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Old 04-21-2013, 06:38 AM
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Thanks for the posts. A long, but worthwhile read I won't comment on everything, but I have taken all your suggestions on board and will work to implement some of them as time permits.

It's funny you mention Empire Earth, some of the devs who worked on the game in the early days also worked on Empire Earth.

Unit/Ability Upgrades - We are currently working on balancing units. At the moment, that is mostly focused on unit stats, but there will be changes made to upgrades and abilities as well.

What to build on additional Building Plots - true, you might only need one of some types of building, but things like Storehouses increase your resource cap and act as drop off points so you might want more of those around. Having multiple military buildings lets you quickly replenish troops, which might be handy if you're under attack.

More 'Stuff' In City To Do - I definitely want to add in more Daily/Random quests, not just in the city but around the world too. City quests could include gathering resources, repairing walls or defeating bandits as you said. World quests could be something as simple as "Lord Harthram wants to encourage trade with Thorndale - sell some Livestock there and he will reward you with Crowns" or a more complex scenario like "Journey to the Desolate Hills to defeat the Goblin King and claim his treasure".

@Boriky - you can use Ctrl+Number to make your own groups, selecting them by pressing the corresponding number.
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