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Old 04-21-2013, 04:27 AM
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I couldn't agree more with GooberLord.

The units stats and abilities are a very cool idea, but at the moment they are not usefull to distuinguish each player style. From what I've seen everyone go with max armor at first, then HP regen and Health, and finally attack. That works for almost all units. The levelling of the units and the stats scaling should be definitely refined. Abilities are another aspect of the game that should be improved, with more specialisation, and, as GooberLord said, maybe they should be levelled up along the unit levelling.

About the combact, i think that one of the biggest problem is that you can't regroup fast your units (except from their type - archers - knights - swordsman - and so on). You should let the user make a group, based not only on the unit type. The micromanagement is kinda useless if you don't let the player make a unit group, based on the build that he decide for a specific unit. With the actual system the user is obliged to make all the units the same in terms of stats. During a battle it's impossible to find and use the specific unit that had a more tanky build than the one that was levelled up more on damage. And the poor unit management becomes even more frustating with the actual pathfinding system.

I agree also on the part about the city building mechanics. It's too easy to build your city and to gain your resources. The player is not incentivate to go around the map and trade with others cities. I mean, 5000 resources for each gold stone? It's a lot... it's just endless! The fact is, that you can't find yourself without three, mines or food. You just need some peasants (that work 24/7 without any break) in your city and you can do nearly everything. I've some friends that in 3 days had almost reach the end game.

Finally I agree also on the buildings type part. I also played only as human for now, and honestly I don't know what to build in all those special buildings spot. Actually only one for building type is enough...

>> More ‘Stuff’ In City To Do: this can be a great idea to spend some time in the player area, and what GoodLord said in his solution could make the internal player economy a bit more challenging.

That's all from me! Keep it up with the good work of the last days, Reverie!

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