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Old 04-20-2013, 11:42 AM
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There's the other side of things with these special units too. I just got attacked by a single dragon who would pop in near enough to town to lob a few fireballs, then move back. He did this over and over until most of my town was burning. My armies took losses but finally did do enough damage that I would have killed the dragon and won.... except when the dragon was low on life the player simply surrendered for a cost of ZERO and escaped, leaving all the casualties on my side of things. Seems pretty lame to me.

Why shouldn't I get to decide if he can surrender or not?
Why can players essentially bypass the game's battle balancing by using special units that allow players who have been playing longer to attack weaker, new players?

Maybe surrender should be replaced with an option to flee instead, which would carry at chance that the person fleeing would lose units. Something should change. As is, a player with a dragon can hit town after town, simply "surrendering" for zero cost and zero risk.

Whichever side you look at, these special units don't seem to be working out well. Maybe they should be used for quest/story purposes and leave the battles to real armies.