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Old 04-19-2013, 08:09 AM
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Maceman will be faster and have more appropriate res for melee fights, also more dmg, and hp they will be incredibly vulnerable to ranged

cavalier is becoming a fast rider high dmg low ranged res cavalry, speed is aldo increased, heavy cav will be slower, more resilent. also the self dmg for the trumple will be lowered or removed totally.

Goblins are getting a total re-vamp and hide ability, augmented dmg /hp res,movement speed, the concept behind them is : they are good for flanking enemy army, using a combination of hide+fast speed, stamina got augmented, they have also a small area heal.

Elfs in general got theyr dmg boosted for balancing the fact that theyr batallion have less members, they got also a boost in hp, stamina, and adjusted some res, the elf cavalry got boosted a lot in term of res , dmg etc, rangers and mounted rangers got hp boost range boost.

Orc cavalry got a boost in resistence, they have low numbers for batallion so we augmented the hp by a lot.
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