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Old 04-19-2013, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Vigilus View Post
So, just a few minutes ago I lost a battle with 4 lvl 20's (swordsmen, Knights, Dwarven Axemen, Orc Gatherers) and my lvl 38 hero. This group took a LOT of gold, battles, and overall, a lot of TIME to put together.

My enemy had 60 unicorns, lvl 5-6. They are the same combat strength as my army, yet they roll through my units like butter, stabbing with their evil horns, bathing in my blood.

This unicorn menace must be stopped, else I'll have no choice to leave my fields fallow, and my halls will go empty.

The 14 unicorns units that my opponent lost will be quickly replenished, i'm sure he's halfway through production right as I finished making this post.

I hope you fix it soon, pvp is not worth the risk at the moment.
60 unicorn lev 5-6 and you want to win with 4 unit lev 20 ?

sorry but is normal that he won, he lost 14 units for kill your 4, not seams unbalanced, we are working on a different strenght value system , what happened is not about the power of the unicorns as unit, but about the strenght value assigned to them (imho too low), you not where supposed to fight soo many unicorn units.
So we going to augment theyr str value for moment but we are working on rebalancing all the system.

a total rework is under development we are working step by step

1) units basic res-stats dmg (done)
2) now heroes-dragons basic stats-res-dmg (on work)
3) abilities dmg,stamina requirements, effect time etc
4) formation bonus etc etc
5) new level system and str values.

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