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Old 04-19-2013, 04:19 AM
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Here are a few points to consider when looking up your game key using our search tool:
  • The search tool looks for registered accounts of valid retail keys, accounts registered during beta with beta keys are no longer valid (the game was in beta up to Sept 2011)
  • The email or username would be the one you used to register an in-game account, not your forum account.
  • If you did not register an in-game account with your game key, it won't be in the database the search is looking up.
  • Check the email addresses you think you might have used, use the emails search function to look for a receipt or confirmation of purchase - use Reverie or Dawn of Fantasy as your search terms
  • The search tool looks for an exact match of username (case-sensitive), you could email with the details you think you might have used and we can do a different search