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Old 07-14-2008, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Sketchie View Post
That is not true. You do not loose your units when they are destroyed in Saga, you loose the level that you leveled those units to if you disband the squad but you do not ever loose the unit or card as they are called. SO basically you keep what you payed for, and on a side note, I play saga and its actually pretty fun, once you get to the higher levels its a lot of fun. And also you dont have to pay for anything off the bat, its a free download and you get a certain amount of cards when you start, so its really not that bad! If anyone plays, you should PM me! In game name : Lorderan

I played it about a week ago but i got bored of having such a small force base and knowing that i could easily get more but that would cost me (i hated that)
Plus the fact that i couldnt even use half the features... they claim it to be F2P but you just need to buy boosters, however its not really as you need to BUY a full account to use most of the features
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