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Old 04-17-2013, 10:14 AM
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The way Attack Protection works was recently changed.

- New players are given 12hrs Attack Protection
- The Attack Protection timer is paused until the first set of walls are completed
- Attack Protection can be cancelled if players want to engage in PvP/CoOp
- If players log in and they don't have walls, they are given 1hr Attack Protection (paused) if they don't already have any

As always, Attack Protection time is online time, it will not count down while you are offline.

If players don't want to engage in PvP, they can opt out by not building walls (keeping their timer paused) or by purchasing/acquiring Attack Protection. If you only play a few hours a day, 48hrs Attack Protection can protect you for weeks.

Attack Protection is also one of the possible items you can get in the Daily Reward, claimable in the Market, and you will sometimes find it on Sale (check Today's Sales! in the Market)

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