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Old 04-17-2013, 08:44 AM
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I agree with that proposal : an option to opt out/into PvP.

Allow me to quote myself, as stated on an earlier thread which had a similar topic ("Remove non-Consentual PvP") :

Originally Posted by Altariel View Post

I am a builder, not a warrior. The only reason I play that game is the awesome aesthetic beauty of the Elven civilization (especially in the forest).

During the first week after the Steam release, I have started with the Elves 6 times. In the very first game, I was so enchanted by the beauty of Bolfores'l that I purchased $10-worth of crowns with the grateful spirit of thanking the artistic designers of the exquisite Elves. [...]

I respectfully do not mind if most players indulge into PvP warfighting, especially since the game is explicitly advertised as "Kingdom Wars", with emphasis on siege battles.

[... But p]laying the Elves is such a beautiful aesthetic experience, for a civ builder : it is too bad that the designers' artistic vision is somewhat tarnished by the mess and stress of premature PvP (especially for clueless new players).

I totally agree with the above-quoted poster. As it is now, there is no single-player option allowing to enjoy building and managing a civ. [...]

As a young woman and as a civ builder, I lack warfighting machismo and tactical skill. I end my long post by suggesting to the developers that they try to attract female gamers by toning down the stressful PvP and by offering avatars and main heroes more suitable for female players.
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