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Old 04-17-2013, 08:36 AM
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Some remaining issues

Elf units getting stuck in greencloud-> remove greencloud should be the best choice, changing formations fast should be possible for elves too, also it allready costs a huge amount of energy to change the formation, that should be enough.

Units bypassing gates and attacking it from all sides or glitching through and destroying the gate gears-> long term fix to not bypass, short term maybe remove gate gears

Units duplicating on sieges-> thought it was fixed, but got some sheeps for free today.

Elven Gate gear invisible

Fresh units entering combat allready being damaged

sheep unicorn exploit, making em work in viewmode, exiting and they still work -> much better then workcamps

Tree symbiosis in outside camps of elf cities can create gold deposits that get workers stuck after a while

Mounted Grandmasters and Rangers dont get any bonus from stone formation-> remove and
wind only or add bonuses

If sieged by Elven Grandmasters, human towns dont seem to activate their oil at the gates.

Prices on upgrades/units/etc not shown correctly if influenced by traits or region

Orc Trait Gatherer not working correctly, doesnt add the 30% extra army storage it promises

Unlimited unit lvling in regeneration camps in view mode -> if damage is low enough units will hit each other forever and lvl up while being healed by wells or barns or oasis that have a regeneration ability in view mode.

Elf siege Uttal Atros and Gelmeerin -> too easy because of 1 gate, you destroy the gate and rush to fortress lord with a fast hero unit to win in 2 min -> more gates or tougher boss.

If you siege solo, units are higher lvl but they have not spent their points, only the reinforcements after 20 min have spent their points.

Questing, not a bug, but please let us accept and finish the repeatable quests directly through the diplomacy screen or at leasteasier, running through town 100 times to see the questguy makes you go crazy

Coop changing 48h protection timer into 10 min

Unit balancing, the uber accuracy of crossbows, the 100/60/100 slayers, the weak elven rangers, the hitbox of knights (cant hit gates and get hit), the 1560dam 1800range marauders etc.

Using Knights i often encounter a bug that i cant move and walk with one click anymore but only with two clicks, thus always running with units.

NPCs destroying their own gatehouses if you just stand with a unit at the gate

Armies moving while view mode is activated ->For example you are in Dragonland Sissilistra you start moving to a town, then you enter the view mode, kill all dragons and loot, once youre done you are at the town you moved to. Well this could be intended I guess.

Those that I remember for now, hope it helps. A problem is that you start living with some bugs and you wont report em anymore
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