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Old 04-16-2013, 03:23 AM
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DTACFrostfire and buddhist23, i will ask you to stop this "war". We here really don't like infractions and closing threads/deleting posts, but insults (name calling), flaming and trolling won't be tolerated. Consider this your last warning before actions are taken.

We will always encourage players to create streams about DoF, same as YT videos or any game-related stuff.

Buddhist23 - that being said, DTAC is allowed to advertise his Stream ingame or forums, unless DEVs or MODs decide otherwise. If DTAC insulted you over PMs, feel free to report those, and we will warn him.

DTACFrostfire - please, do not swear, do not insult and do not spam.

Community Manager - feel free to PM me about any game related issue, bug, question...