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There's also the donation part on twitch. Let's not forget that. What you listed was just the "side benefits." The primary benefit is that you will paid in some way or form. Getting new people in the game, helping new players..making friends... sounds what normal gamer already do everyday to me, nothing very noble to be advertising 24/7 in the ingame chat and forums. There are many many twitch streamers streaming DOF but non of them are as obstructive as you are when it comes to ingame chats. Even if you don't accept donations now, you eventually will because of your obvious material wants and desires. But first, you need dedicated watchers or customers in order to generate revenue/donations. And that's where the ads come in, correct? Yeah thought so.

And yes, you do advertise about giveaways- it's a very effective form of marketing because it taps into people's material wants. By doing that, you'll draw in more customers. And by promoting the game, do you mean by promoting INSIDE the game? Dunno how you can draw in people if you're drawing in...people already in the game?'re drawing those people who have a clear obvious interest in DOF to your DOF stream..hmmmmm..and then maybe...they'll donate.

And last of all, your efforts don't bring a LOT of players into the game anyway. People have been streaming DOF for ages and the population was never high. Only the recent steam release has significantly and probably sustained a larger population. You might bring in a couple players, but then you want everyone to refer to you for further benefits. You even advertise for people to refer you in return for free resources. If you really didn't care about material benefits, you could just offer the free resources for free- rather than referrals. I can't see any other way around this except calling you out as a slimy greed infested tumor that is growing in dof.

"Seriously ? Can you please just read what you are saying."
What you said and what you do is advertising. You advertise about YOURSELF constantly. Those are called ads. An insulting man once said, b**ch please?

i'm also your senior, so name calling is kind of rude too. ( Why so defensive when questioned about your advertising that you resort to name calling? )

Here it is again, an insulting man once said, b**ch please?

And please, stop with the hate private messags, they get very tiresome when it's the same old "GROW DA FAWK UP, ARE YOU 12?" phrase that gets repeated 24/7 across the internet. I understand that the internet is your own private little peter pan world- but it's not yours alone, and not everyone is so oblivious to your true intentions which i so nicely stated above. If you didn't advertise yourself like it's the end of the world, I would have never suspected you for streaming for financial gain, but alas, you do.

Here it is for the third time, in case you didn't get it, an insulting man once said, b**ch please?

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