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Old 04-15-2013, 12:51 PM
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I normally stay out of these discussions, but this irked me as well.

Now I am all for you rewarding the loyal people who bought the game from your website. I think the game giveaways are great as well as the free crowns that you apparently have given to a lot of people.

What I dislike is that because I did not know you existed before steam that I get left out of all the free stuff. You still are getting my money (albeit less than if I bought from the site).

Now I am sure you are getting a ton of people buying from your website for the give away. Why? Because people that bought the game from you (most of us are from steam are we not?) are telling people about your game and give-aways and increasing your sales.

So yes I feel slighted that I get nothing free out of the deal. I normally would not care, but since you are giving away so much I see no reason why I should be left out. Especially having to deal with all these bugs and other issues that come with a beta phase game (say what you want the game is still in beta as far as I am concerned). What can you do to make it right? I am sure you know which people bought the game from steam (or could find out). Give all of us something like you did the people that bought the game from the site or just give us all some free crowns so we can buy those dragons and dwarves if we want. Should not be hard to do. It does not have to be a "steam" deal. It can be something you just do on your own so you can bypass all the steam hoops.