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Originally Posted by Ryan Zelazny View Post
On a side note though, incase of two colours being the same, we could always make it so you have 2 different color variations, much like sports teams have 2 different jerseys. So if the first one blends too much you can go with Colour B.
Well, there's always the possibility in a team game where there is no combination of primary or secondary colours that results in a non-ambiguous colour pattern for each faction. Moreover, you still have to deal with distinguishing which shades are sufficiantly different, and all different types of colour-blindness. Then you have the issue where red/black is confuseable with black/red. Then you have to make certain that colour types do not provide camouflage on certain maps. I think it's much easier and less problem-prone to keep some basic colours, and then allow people to have a variety of patterns.
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