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Old 04-14-2013, 11:06 PM
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That patch ruined sthg for me. I had 4 pvp fights after and all were buged. First 2 battles the enemy payed me of and i got stuck. I was forced to payout myself. The others battles i won but the game didnt end. The victor bar on the right disappeared but my units continued to slaughter the enemy until none were left and all were dead. had to click the worldmap thing to get out, didnt have to pay though. All those 4 wins werent added in my profile. Also the Attack Protection timer got stuck and its always 1:00:00. Think im forced to build walls for it to run again. Never build walls in most of my cities because i dont need em :/. Being forced to buy em now for crowns is kinda weird too. Well i loged out for now til the pvp thing is fixed. Also started on walls, hope that fixes that too.

Edit: I started humans this week with the 12h timer and it was really great. I wonder why you felt the need to change the attack protection into sthg else again?

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