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Old 04-14-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Brian Shingles View Post
Small, maybe, but not simple. Any distribution of bonus codes (or even just a sale) through Steam requires Steam's approval and involvement in setting it up. We can really only change the price/bonuses on our site with any ease.

How would you suggest we reward people who buy directly from us? Or should there be no reward for supporting the developers?

And if the bonuses were just given to everyone when they register, then it's not really a bonus but just a standard item.
You are rewarding them as you are now. I never once said that we deserve the same amount of bonus since i got a whole $5 off the purchase price. I am not trying to fight about this but don't try and play the supporting te developers for buying from your site directly since my money (minus the steam charge) goes to you as well. Honestly I think that your game is great and I can see myself purchasing crowns with my own money sine a game is usually around $50-60 anyhow. You could have a direct buy bonus like you do during the epic sale and a steam purchase bonus that runs at the same time?

It's not a standard item if you run the promotions at the same time or I would argue you're turning your epic sale into standard items like you said would happen if you gave with registering. In a fledgling game liek this you're giving away tons of copies and tons of crowns anyhow so why fight this one detail so much? Yesterday three of my frinds were on Hi11's stream and one even got a free copy. I tell everyone I know intereseted in this game to go to the direct site so they get the bonuses.

What would be the harm in giving everyone that registered the first month in steam half of what you did for your epic sale? Those crowns are invaluable now that the 12 hour clock has started.