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Old 04-14-2013, 02:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Tforce View Post
I bought this game a week ago, and was able to finally spend some time understanding the game and playing today. It was fun leveling up units and spending points to make them better.

i log in now and the stats are nerfed... with NO refund in skill points....

To test - i made another set of units (with no skill points added) and compared them to units i spent all day leveling up to lvl 12 and putting points into defensive stats. the newly created units and the level 12 units have the SAME % reduction now, but the level 12 units have there skill points spent and no refund... its like those skill points are GONE... i'm sooo frustrated.... why aren't those skill points back?!?!? am i looking at something wrong?

why do dev changes NOT refund skill points when they changes things... thats more than frustrating...
Soon DEVs will be adding option to reset skill points for a unit, so that will fix your problem i hope.
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