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Originally Posted by Laradon View Post
Hey there i found a little flaw in your Patch. It has to do with the Berserker unit. The stat nerf is okay, but if you compare the 2 formations the berserker unit has, you will notice sthg.

Battle stand
15 -1.5 40% slash 40% blunt 20/20/0 -30% move

Turtle stand

20 -2.0 -50% slash - 50% blunt 20/20/20 -40% move

so are you actually believing someone will sacrifice so much damage, more energy use and slower movement just for 20 extra pierce protection? Maybe those -% on damage werent intended on turtle stand?

Awesome patch expecial for pvp, orc fix dragon/heroes fix and co-op sayng that :

I now he exagerated the balance/nerf (is a long list over 100 balancement are on his desk so there is a margin for errors)

This are the original value i gave to him :

Battle stand
15 stamina -2,0 stamina/sec +30% slash +30% pierce +15% slash res +15%
crush res - 20% speed

Turtle stand:
20 stamina cost -2 stamina/sec - 20% slash dmg -20% crush dmg, +25%
slash res +25% crush res +25% pierce res -20% movement
Reduce theyr basic dmg from 160 to 140 (he did 120 but tbh he did good here)

I sent him a mail and a pm, to use this values, since now the testudo formation is completely useless , nobody will use it wich such dmg penalty and low gain, also the hp nerf not was included in the balancement, so probably he gonna reverse it, but regards dmg since they reach easly 750 with charge, probably we need to lower or the effect of the charge skill from +100% slash dmg to +70%

Regards hp nerf probably we gonna reduce it or remove it, since we are boosting foot knights from 15 to 20 for batallion and the stats of the sentry.

there is also an incoming rebalance for SLAYERS for theyr Cover ability :

FIX : Reduce efectiveness of cover ability

FROM: 50 stamina +40% slash res +40% pierce res
TO : 40 stamina +25% slash res +10% crush res + 25% pierce res

This way in battle formation they will reach anyway a good 85% slash res 70% crush res 85% pierce res (wich is equal to humans swordsman wich is their natural counter-part , sentry from elves are getting boosted and theyr dmg type changed a bit for balance theyr role wich is the same of slayers and swordsmans)

pretty much Slayers tank more than the others like but they do also less dmg compared to Swordsmans and even more compared to Sentry, Swordsman do more dmg (+10% then Slayers) but tank 10% less, Sentry do more dmg+20% compared to slayers they have more mobility but tank 25% less

Regards dragon reset yeah i already made the request for a total reset for all dragons, i have 7 dragons lev 60 and cant upgrade theyr res

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