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Originally Posted by vicious666 View Post
I can say you that dragons looks powerful at low levels at high levels they are pretty easy to kill too easy, think about a lev 20 dwarf battler batallion have 2k life x20men and each of them do up to 900 dmg. they can do 15k+dmg on a dragon in 2 sec.

Regards maceman and halberdiers they are on progress to be boosted by a bit, they will receive hp boost dmg boost and more appropriate resistances for theyr roles is on work also dedicated formations and special ability for them.

There is a total re-concept of the Cavalier since they where praticly a weaker version of the mounted knights, now mounted knights will be slower.
Cavalier will be even faster, will have more hp than now, slightly more res, and more dmg, but more vulnerable to arrows they will be a sort of hit & run kind of cavalry with high dmg fast mobility low tank.

Many elves unit are also getting a boost in hp/dmg and more appropriate resistances expecial the cavalry and the melee units, and some rebalancement of orc formations/ dmg. that allowed them to reach too high res/dmg on berserker/slayers.
Humans are getting balanced here and there on various units but are minor adjustment, the biggest revamp are on archers, expecial orc one, less dmg/range overall. more survivability in general.

Also you didn't discuss the Ram which seems to be very resistent to melee which it shouldn't be. They should need to be protected by ones own troops not able to move on a gate while his army stays safely back. Any sally from a fortification with cavalry should destroy said lone ram heading for a gate.

after done this basic unit rebalance, we will focus on heroes expecial nerfing a bit high res/hp regen , and reducing theyr self heal abilities
Shouldn't the game be balanced at all levels? Each troop type needs a role which is consistent throughout level progression. If a dragon is too powerful at low levels it needs to be toned down for low levels and if its too weak at the upper levels beefed up for those levels. Obviously this becomes difficult if you allow high level players to attack low level ones and vice a versa.

I like what you are doing with the cavalier ( light cavalry were fast and often used to take out archers from the flank or rear if possible. There horses having no barding would be very susceptable to archer fire too.

I have use of the Halberdier to intercept cavalry. Have not used the schiltron as of yet but imagine it would make them quite formidable against all troop types but even more vulnerable to archers and crossbow and siege equipment. Would slow them down considerably too.

I edited my post on macemen giviing a suggestion on there role in my previous post.

Does armor mitigate damage if so then certain weapon types would be less effected from this effect. For example a two handed mace or halbred would not be as effected by the armor an oppenent wears thus that armor would do less mitigation on the other hand a sword would be greatly effected by the mitigation of heavier armor.

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