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Exclamation Patch # 1.5.1 - Major Step Forward

We are happy to present one of our biggest patches - 1.5.1. Fixing incredible number of issues including most instances of lost progress and annoying Out of sync issues; as well as reworking Orcish race unit training and countless other fixes and additions. We plan to follow up with another major patch this Sunday and the following week - doing everything possible to have the game in top shape by the end of April. At that point we plan to switch to adding new content - such as guilds, magic and much, much more.
Patch # 1.5.1

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Greatly reduced number of Out of Sync errors in PvP and CoOp
-New PvP protection system for new towns - with 12 hours timer
-Redesigned Orc Grand Hut, Goblin Tent and Warg Pen with a new manual unit order system
-Fixed unit production issues with Orcs spawning unlimited units, or nothing at all
-Fixed unit production bug with unlimited unit spawn for all races
-Fixed rare instance of newly purchased units, or crowns not saving
-Fixed rare issue with logging out or exiting game not saving progress

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed a bug with Elven NPC town sieges, with AI reinforcement cinematic breaking level and causing unit loss
-Fixed a bug with NPC town diplomacy screen showing Homeland button on return to town
-Profile picture is now properly centered in the profile window
-Units producing in buildings now remembered on reload and can be canceled
-Buildings now display a progress percentage for unit production
-Achievements unlocked while in PvP or in CoOp now also provide a wealth reward
-Fixed NPC Town Sieges Quests - not progressing if done in CoOp

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Reduced self-healing rates for Heroes and Dragons. Fixes OP heroes and Dragons
-Changed starting diplomacy with NPC towns for new players
-Greatly increased Gold Decay on amounts over 500,000 gold
-All levels now give 60 pop limit, to allow building siege e.t.c
-Increases stamina of all human units by 50%
-Dragon pierce resistances limit increased to 80%
-Gates are more resistant to melee attacks now
-Reduced Beserker attack, defense, hit points, as well as turtle formation stats
-Removed Enfilade ability from Marauder, more button space
-Orc Wargs now cost food to produce
-Leveling up Grand Hut greatly increases spawn rates. Increased upgrade price.
-Orc Buildings will slowly repair themselves, labourers can also repair buildings
-Mill Wheat takes longer time to regrow after being burned
-Elven Gold income decreased - 25% less income from Alchemy lab, increased price for Symbiosis resources
-Relaxed Co-Op partner search to allow 50% to 200% strength difference

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