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Old 04-11-2013, 04:33 PM
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from my experience ranged units are powerful on low levels 1-10 after that trust me guys
with right formations the majority of the melee units (like slayers sentry sworsman foot knights berserker ) reach 85% pierce dmg res and tank quite easly the ranged dmg until they close the range enought for melee consider also archers have very low hp at high levels a mounted knights do 500-600 dmg an archer have 400-450 hp, they are insta killed by cavalry,same happens when infantry engage them on melee. (this happens between lev 10/20)

you need to speficy levels of you troops becouse at max hp hp regen and max res, the game balance change a lot towards melee than ranged in late levels

Whit the levels the dmg mitigation, the hp buffer, and regen allow melee units to absorb a lot of punishement while they do theyr job, archers instead be the main killers like happens in the range of level between 1 and 10 become more harasser/dmg add thathelp melee kill faster the enemy units, they have hard time complete the job by themself. just for comparation

lev 20 archers

dmg between 300 and 600 max 700 depends on formation/firearrow/skillpoints
health points 400-450 at max almost 0 res, unless they use infilade and have low res like 20-30-20

lev 20 foot knights dmg between 350 and 550, (depends much on the formation) 2050 hp maxed res 75 35 60 , with correct formation they go 85% pierce , self heal +100 hp, area heal 100 hp (the area heal work also on the caster) natural hp regen 20/sec

real archer dmg after armor reduction 85% , hp regen and self heals?

500 - 85% = 75 - 20(regen/sec) =50 - self heal 5/hp sec for 20 sec? they can almost permatank archers until they end stamina, and after that they receive only 50 dmg for arrow, that means 21 arrow for kill a single knight

of course compared to low levels, where archer do 300 dmg, knights have 500-700 hp, and 50% pierce, probably no hp regen, it takes only 4-5 arrow for kill one (300 archer dmg -50% pierce res = 150 ) so now archer appear powerful later they become the underdog. (of course concentration of archer shooting 1 single unit can still do good dmg but nothing compared to what happens at low levels)

[quote=lthat;78118]There another 100% Res all combi on Elven Hero with 80/80/80 + armor ability 20/20/20 = 100/100/100 and this for a really really long time


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