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Old 04-11-2013, 03:06 PM
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I am a newb but i have been playing rts games since Dune 2. I know i am old.

Ranged units are too powerful. At the very least they should stop shooting once in melee. More specifically shield armed troops not on a horse should be very resistent to archers. Horses if not barded should be vulnerable otherwise knights on barded horses should be resistent but not as much as shield armed infantry. Crossbows should be very vulnerable to cavalry once in melee having a slower fire rate. Though crossbows should be more effective against shield armed troops as compared with archers those shields should still make them harder targets to damage.

Dragon hp regen is over powered. I do not feel they are too squishy either. They are very mobile being able to fly away from danger and then regen to full in minutes. They are very versatile too able to attack in melee and spit fire from a distance. not this was a black dragon. if that makes a difference.

Human Battering rams have too much hp. I charged knights out as a lone battering ram approached my gates hardly dented it along with 1 crossbow and 3 archers and many Trebs attacking it. At the very least the men using the battering ram should get killed easily in melee and should be able to be replaced by detaching infantry from another unit.

The other problem is running. There should be greater penalities emposed on units that run then engage in combat. I have watched armies run into battle from some distance away with little effect to there fighting ability.

Trebuchets should do a lot more damage to a dragon if they manage to strike one then they currently do.

when a unit of infantry is in shield wall they should stay that way not have a few men charge from it. It is a defensive formation which the enemy should have to break.

I have found human macemen to be useless. There not effective against archers or crossbow, not effective against other infantry with perhaps the exception of halbrediers which i cannot confirm. Ineffective against cavalry. historically(i know i know this is fantasy) foot macemen used a two handed mace and it would be very high damage weapon which would not be reduced due to heavy armor.

while my experience in the game is limited as compared with the op i bring the perspective of a newer player who has noticed the above so far in game.

By far i find the most glaring problem are dragons being far from squishy. The regen ability is overpowered in this game. If that was gone it would at least keep a dragon from coming back for more over and over again.

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