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Old 04-11-2013, 11:01 AM
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Default Units balancements i want your opinions

I am working on balancement in DoF, i play since 2011 i am a mod and also dev ,i have over 300 pvp match , and worked with the devs in the last 15 patch.
I am also an old player from 1997player, starcraft 1-2 , maniac of pvp balancement, so if you like talk about numbers & % i am the right guy.

But i am not everywhere and even if i have 3 cities full developed with army between 500 and 3500 of all 3 races, i cant see everything or experience every combination of units in game , so i need your opinions of what is OP what is underpowered , and why.

I have already sent a long list of balancement to the devs, regards augmenting dragons res since they are too squishy, and regards op bonus of berserker/orc units in general that can reach even 100% res thx to too generous bonus in theyr formation options. so this will be fixed soon.
Stamina of humans will be augmented for be on same page of orc/elfes.
Hp of archers will be boosted (starting hp )
Heroes regen will be lowered, same for self heal ability and maybe in some cases certain ability/bonus

i want specific units, specific problems, specific suggestion

the most valuable suggestion and report will receive from me a key WITH AN UNIQUE ICE DRAGON 120 CROWNS AND SOME DWARF UNITS

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