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Old 04-11-2013, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by lthat View Post
Elves Heroe (other i dont know the abilities) can have
80/80/80 Def on Skills

and the Ability 20/20/20 additional.

its a 100/100/100 = Immune ... with high hero with much mana you can be immune to all attacks for a really long time.

A Level 30 Hero can wipe a full army at no problem.

This hurts really... and it hurts NEW Players, because if you have a army strengh of 100-200 then you are the target for this imballanced hero.

PLS Fix it its a gamebreaker more then every crash or lag (and it should be easy to fix - to cap the defensive of hero or reduce the armor abilty.

One tip for other players in that situation (if you were attacked by this "bugusers"): Run in Circle with your army the full battle lenght if your amystr is bigger then the hero you get the crowns and he cant kill the moving army. Dont leave the battle and give this players free points.

I've used the tactic myself, and also been a victim of it a couple of times (which was were I got the idea).

To me there are three game breakers here:
- One is the total immunity against impact. It is quite easy to kill a 80/80/80 hero, so the problem lies in the additional 20/20/20. This could be fixed in a number of ways; For example less time (could be less than 20 seconds) or less additional resistance (perhaps 10/10/10).
- Another is the inability to attack moving units. It makes for frustrating battles, and is just as much of an exploit as the "immune hero". Attacking should be more precise, and quicker.
- The third one is the victory conditions. Too many battles last for way too long, having to watch the "run in circle" army (and don't think it only happens against "immune heroes") for 30 minutes or so.