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Old 07-12-2008, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Sauron_9Gods9_Ldr View Post
Sigh antoher post i haft to clear in age of mythioligy ttians where not considered a power unit considering every one could use them and they where more of a tie breaker. In bFME the power units you speak of where either very exspences so not alot of use and that the game was unballiced in general. So adding a power unit as u call it to DoF for humans is unfair and yeah like others said Men had lots of chapians and heros for their armys no big ass eagles or ents thats what makes the human the humans their stack of heros and long army witha ll diff sort of weapens men are crafters forgers do not ask doF to give men a so called power unit to ruin the game like in bfme2 with the dwarfs. You are clearly not understanding the midevil time age and you should not play medevil games if you can not see this Gods~ (and no this is not a flam post)
Am i the only one who cant understand him? i mean i can... but it takes ages to figure out the words i mean he uses plenty of good english, then tries and fails to use leetspeak... badly... I mean come on 'the power units you speak of where either very exspences so not alot of use and that the game was unballiced in general' now thats terrible, im sorry if english is not your first language but you obviously know the words and therefore know at least roughly how their spelt.... unballiced - unbalanced? hmmmm nah

anyways moving on....
humans having more heros sounds good, their like the race that has more heroics and paladins and such anyway so thats about right
dragons having dragons sounds sensible lol
orcs spamming units and strong melee also sounds about right
elves being natural archers and good mages sounds right also, just dont make them overly powerful with the arrows lol
dwarves and gnomes being used for the technological races is also right (although their not out yet ^^) i just dont like the fact that it is going to technology brings with it guns and gunpowder *hiss*