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Old 07-12-2008, 03:08 PM
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saga is a decent game in itself but yeah its just moneyhunting, the game itself is okay... kind of... its one of the few decent MMORTS games but costs a great deal... i have tried playing it and unless you buy boosters i mean like you tire of it within an hour due to the lack of units

i mean come on what is 25 light infantry, 20 archers, 15 light cavalry, 20 spearmen (javeliners, i think they are skirmishers but i never tested it fully) and 15 pikemen going to do really? i hear they added a spell and 2 of the common strong units in but still that wont be much

i am looking for a good free MMORTS too that is what led me here... this may not be free but no monthly charge and it looks awesome so im staying, cant wait for a beta... i am currently on a waiting list for warhammer online beta but i doubt i will get it so i hope i can get this one
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