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Old 07-12-2008, 02:42 PM
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traps are always good yeah i know it takes a lot of the actual fighting out but it adds a lot of strategy to it, for example the following

Heavily guarded city with killzone out front
Medium sized army
which route would it take?
A: kill zone full with melee units, in range of arrows and artillery
B: back route in the middle of a valley, high mountains either side looks harmless.... but filled with ingenious traps

either way will be fun for a defender and could in theory teach the attacker a lesson... or just add to the fun

but yeah someone mentioned stronghold... yeah that lacked traps i remember spamming spike traps to take the brunt of the AI attack force. The rolling log trap was always a good laugh too (especially when your main entrance is at the top of a long steep hill)

I like the sappers idea, especially the orc one it made me laugh if they did that i would choose orcs just to see that nah i cant abandon the dragons... i love dragons, dragons ftw! lol
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