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Old 04-09-2013, 10:20 AM
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In what concerns #6, the situation has been recently discussed on another thread. Pardon me if I quote myself (reacting to a Cynwulf post) :

Originally Posted by Cynwulf View Post

The problem is that [the] 60 minutes [protection from being attacked again] runs down while your fighting against an attacker

after trying the pvp this evening 45 minutes ran off the clock as the attacker of my castle avoided it just burnt down some farmsteads and peasant hovels outside my walls.
Originally Posted by Altariel View Post
The protection runs down while you are already being attacked ?!! That makes no fair sense, especially since it exposes a damaged target to become the abused victim of a series of attacks by a gang of buddies.

As a PvP-ignorant new player, perhaps I am too paranoid, but anyway, I propose that the 60-minute protection counter restarts after a battle has ended.
I thus agree with the original poster's point #6 with the caveat that including quests in the counter's pause could be problematical.

By the way, agree or not with the OP's 14 suggestions, it is obvious that a lot of thoughtful, detailed work has been invested in conceiving and composing that series of proposals.

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