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Old 04-09-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Brian Shingles View Post
We'll be making it so Pierce Resistance can be increased on Dragons, just like other units.

This should be in the next patch.
Thank you greatly. Something to consider is that Dragons take up 10 slots in an army while a hero takes up only 4.

Also Dragons add a huge amount to an army strength, my Royal which was 27 added 500. For this amount an enemy can zerg you with bow units, or maybe 10+/- Dragon Hunters. There is no counter for a dragon when 10+ arrow based units are focus firing it.

Heros are tiny, and when you have armies the size of which appear versus a dragon due to how much str it adds to an army they are easy to miss and have a great advantage while a dragon is a gigantic target.

The biggest imbalance I think comes from the lag. If the dragons cannot tank a substantial amount of bow damage, even vicious and his "uber ninja-like strafe in and out skills while ignoring the rest of his army to die since you cant select a unit or give it orders during lag quick enough" skills will not save a dragon from concentrated bow fire that you are LIKELY to encounter vs an army that shows up based on the 500 points your royal added to your army strength.

Maybe Dragons utility and COST (120 for a Royal versus maybe 30'ish for the average hero) needs to be scaled versus hero units because as it stands dragons are far more novelty than utility. Kind of like having spent a huge amount of money on an old restored model T car, quite the novelty but practically useless on a modern freeway.

75+ resist for pierce IMO would be appropriate.