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Old 04-08-2013, 09:00 PM
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Default Suggestion: Dragons

Dear Dev team, thanks for an awesome game.

My suggestion is in regards to dragons. As it stands now, dragons add a huge amount of strength in your army, but in PVP especially when there is lag they offer very little utility for it.

I have played using 3 dragons, 2 Royals which I bought ($20 worth), and an Ice which was a gift from a referral.

All three dragons have died in PVP, and in one case one of my Royals, level 20, versus a human army average level 5, my royal dragon melted in 2 seconds from bowfire during massive lag and I didnt even get to click on the dragon breath.

This is seriously bad.

I mean seriously, 2 seconds of bowfire and I didnt even get to burn a single archer?

Its not just me being a crappy player then blaming lag either, I have fought against dragons several times and in every case have killed the dragon without so much as breaking a sweat.

Worst $20 bucks I ever spent was on those two royal dragons. Yes two, because after the first one died I figured maybe I was just doing it wrong, then when the second one melted in 2 seconds I realized that no, Dragons just arent worth having.

So for my suggestion: Please raise the resistance caps on dragons, granted an 80 resist versus pierce dragon would be an absolute nightmare, but the current cap they might as well be made from balsa wood and paper - hell arent dragons supposed to have notoriously thick armor?