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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post

Please give a round of applause to our new community manager - Brandon A, aka Hi11zone. Most of you have already met him in-game or on out forums, be it answering your questions or helping you to recover that lost Dragon. With unstoppable dedication Brandon have kept our community support running 20 hours per day this past week, all while managing to run a non-stop live-stream.
We are really happy to have Brandon with us and taking charge of our community support and content updates.

Originally Posted by Faked View Post
Awesome congrats my man on a job well done. It is def well deservered your quick assistance and live stream is why I personally kept going due to having what I would say lack of intrest in the learning curve, but I am glad I did hang in there because once I saw some of your tips and tricks it has really dragged me into this game. to wrap it up this is an amazing game and with your reveiw/stream I think you have brought alot more awarness to it and deserver every aspect of this promotion.
WOW I really don't know what to say, I try to do everything i can, I love the game, and the community, I couldn't get enough. I'm now closing on 100hrs, crazy!
All i ever wanted to do with the stream and my review is make friends and get people interested, even with the steep learning curve the game has. I think i have more then succeeded, which is more then i ever could of asked for. On top of now being a permanent part of this community, and Reverie World Studios.
To Celerbrate i'm handing out 20 copies and 600 crowns on the live stream

I wanna thank everyone for letting me be apart of this community, and the Dev's especially for giving me this once and a lifetime Opportunity.
Official DOF Live Stream:
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