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Old 04-08-2013, 11:52 AM
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In reply to the thread's original poster :

1. As an Elf, I have noticed that my archers (called "rangers") sometimes refuse to move and/or attack. It is a bug which has been reported on other threads.

2. I find it strange that you cannot disband a unit within your home region, as it is easily done in most games (by a mouse click on a disband button associated with the unit, or by selecting the unit and pressing a key). As game moderator Zvonzi stated, you have to exit your home region, create an army including the units you want to disband, and then "discard" them on the world map : a uselessly time-consuming and tedious process !

Update > Please read the post immediately below mine. Advisor GPS51 indicates a simpler procedure than the one I have just described.

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