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Originally Posted by Cynwulf View Post

Someone attacked my newb castle [...] with a small army. i sat in my castle and he did not kill any of my military units he burned the outlaying farmsteads and frontier cabins but did not harm one building within my walls. After about 45 minutes i get defeat? How so he did not break down my gates or scale the walls or kill one military unit within my castle.
As a newbie, I also would like an answer to that strange situation. I have been very wary of being attacked since, like you, I do not understand many aspects of the PvP notions of "victory" and "defeat".

Originally Posted by Cynwulf View Post

The other question why is someone with a huge black dragon and dwarven gunners able to attack a newb with some infantry and missle troops. Ohh and some trebs mounted on his walls.
I believe I can resolve that question, based on information I have read in other threads.

What determines a attacker/defender matching by the game program is merely a quantitative measure : all your military units (hero + troops) and their levels, plus all your defensive structures are collectively translated into a precise number which represents your aggregate military strength. You can only be attacked by someone whose army has a numeric value approximately equivalent to yours (within a 10% margin, since recent patch 1.4.9).

It is a purely quantitative evaluation and comparison. The game program does not take into account qualitative perceptions, such as the awesome appearance of a fire-breathing dragon : the dragon is reduced to a numeric value. In your case, as you stated, the guy had a "small army" : the dragon's strength was countered by your defensive strength (including your hero's and units' levels). Consequently, the game program allowed the PvP attack. But since he had a "small army" (despite the awesome dragon) and you had sufficiently robust defenses, the attacker did not dare to directly assault your city defenses.

Of course, this does not address your first question : why was he attributed a "victory" ?

In conclusion, newbie players (such as you and I) can be attacked by a "higher level player running around with a small army" : the game program does not take into account the qualitative skill and experience of players, it only compares the quantitative values of the military forces. Since a recent patch, you should not be assaulted by a player who has a military strength superior to +10% in comparison to your own military strength. The fact that your enemy is a veteran player or a newbie is not taken into account by the program.

This is the official information on recent patch 1.4.9 which is pertinent to your situation :


::::: Balance Adjustments :::::

- PvP attack protection is now 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes
- Made PvP only match armies within 10% of strength value, used to be 30% before
- Hero and Dragon units add less strength to the army strength value

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