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Old 04-08-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Zyfer View Post

i had an elves archer problem as well, i made them go into the wind stance and they would NOT come out of it again, no matter what i did, they just stood there in their green glow
It happened to me a few times, with Elf archers (level 0 rangers), both in my home region and during the first quest outside of home -- against Orcs, as mentioned by another poster (Calixo) on this thread :

i was doing a quest with the elves, and at a moment my archers stopped attacking, they could move, when i clicked to attack the orcs they were moving towards them at sight so they could attack, but they just stood there waiting to get slaughtered by the orcs ... i was able to move them but they still didnt want to attack whereas all my others units such as sentinels could.
In my home region, I was going to attack human bandits to accomplish a quest. The hero and the sentry moved forward to attack, but the rangers just remained in place, glowing green after I had put them in their wind stance. Surprised, I did not react in time : both the hero and the infantry were killed by the bandit mob.

Later on, I was going to attack Orcs in the first quest outside of the home region. The same thing happened : all non-archers (hero, sentries, enchanter) charged to engage the Orcs, but my several ranger units did not move, collectively generating a huge green glow on the map. This time around, I reacted quickly and retreated without any losses -- but the quest was not done. I did not risk trying to accomplish that quest again, not trusting the rangers.

I have seen that issue mentioned on at least one other thread : it is a big bug which should be addressed. As it is now, I only play the Elven faction, but my confidence in the ranger archers is shaky. Since I suspect that the bug is related to the wind stance, I do not use it on the rangers anymore.

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