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Old 04-08-2013, 05:38 AM
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Default Peasant Uprising Quest Help!!!!

Hey guys, Ive been doing this quest over and over for the past 3 days!. And still i cant get past it. Ive completed it 3 times already and its still not marked off on my quest board. Ive gone to the Quest site in the Wold and killed pretty mch everything in the city, And ive Burnt everything. Once my time limit is up it automatically takes me out of the city and i receive the acievment "Ive Won! Ive Won!" But when i take the Hero back to the City to talk to fredrickson or the Other guy who game me the quest it doesnt do anything. I just stand next to the guys and click them as usual but nothing happens and my Quest is still showing on my Quest List un marked. How am i supposed to finnish this, Is there a specific group im supposed to kill in the Quest or am i doing everything right?

I really hope someone replies because ive spent so much real money on my Crowns and id hate to say good buy to the game because of a small issue like this.

The game also laggs alot!, I can play anything on my Laptop because its a Gaming Laptop but when it come to this i get the biggest graphics lag, Ive tried everything to fix it, Drivers are up to date and all. But graphics is horrible, They might aswell use this game for Benchmarks instead of Crysis 3! Lol

Thanks Guys, Hope someone can help me. If you want to add me on the game my username is "Petru"