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Old 04-08-2013, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorrian View Post
This has got to be the lamest thing I have experienced so far in DoF. In a PvP fight this evening my castle was under attack and the battle was pretty even until I turned the tide destroying the last ram before it could get to my inner gates. I had victory in my clutch until low and behold the player (Fil1203 something like that) disconnects and I get booted to area map. What a crock of junk! I zone into my castle and all the damage that he had done was visibly present and on top of that I didn't get the victory, crowns, resources or a single piece of gold. I had to replace 10 leveled units(Knights), about 6-7 wall trebuchets and 7-8 ground trebuchets. During PvP I expect losses and normally have no problems with this but when cowards abuse the disconnect flaw its just plain wrong.

I know there are things that need to be worked on and fixed that's fine and dandy but when the mod tells you its normal and not abusing a game mechanic and there's nothing they can do, well that's not really a sign of encouragement for me or for anyone who feels this behavior is unacceptable.

So what is the official stand on disconnecting in PvP?

In the end Mat (Mod) was generous and from his on personal stash helped me with repairs, Thanks
Totaly agree, there is nothing more annoying than person who is affraid of losing troops. Especially when the other guy is an attacker. He attacks > he gets crushed > he dissconects to save his troops >_< LAME!
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