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Old 04-08-2013, 01:36 AM
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Default What determines a victory or defeat in pvp

Someone attacked my newb castle only been playing a week now. I accepted just to see what it was like. I noticed he had a huge black dragon and 2 units of dwarf gunners and thought ok he is a wringer higher level player running around with a small army. i sat in my castle and he did not kill any of my military units he burned the outlaying farmsteads and frontier cabins but did not harm one building within my walls. After about 45 minutes i get defeat? How so he did not break down my gates or scale the walls or kill one military unit within my castle.

The other question why is someone with a huge black dragon and dwarven gunners able to attack a newb with some infantry and missle troops. Ohh and some trebs mounted on his walls. Had his dragon down to 9k hp twice when it approached my walls too then it flew off too his army staying well out of my treb range.

This scoundrel also killed the little npc lord outside my walls and his men and burnt down his stockade. They didn't even fight back either. That lord was a representative of the king after all he should of at least faught back or run.

One final note my protection from attack ran down during our marathon fight where the attacker refused to attack the walls or my keep. If anything he should of lost his command due to cowardice.

Anyone know what determines who wins or loses a siege as a defender one would think you win if you defend your keep and castle would one not.

Thanks for reading i do like the game but obviously there are issues in pvp to be ironed out. I know from what little experience i have to defeat an ai opponent in the quest have to kill all there men shouldn't be the same if your an attacker?